Equipment and Vehicle Loans

To do your job right, you need the right equipment. With a BOK Financial equipment and vehicle loan, you can buy just what you need for your business, when you need it.

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Fund Large Purchases on Longer Terms

Your business is one of the largest investments you'll make, so you want to be sure you have everything you need to help it grow. If you're looking to buy a business vehicle or large piece of equipment, we can help. Make your purchase now, and pay for it over the long term.

Buy Equipment

Need a professional espresso maker? Or maybe you'd like a 3D printer? Whatever you need to grow your business, we can help you get the equipment quickly and easily. 

Purchase Business Vehicles

If you need, we've got the loan for you. Now you can buy the truck or car your business needs, when you need it.

How to Apply

Visit one of our Banking Centers or call a Small Business Banker at (303) 864-7391 to apply. Once you've opened your new loan account, you can start using your line of credit right away to balance your cash flow or invest in your business's needs.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Who Can I Speak With?

Our Small Business Bankers are ready and waiting to discuss your business needs. You can call them at (303) 864-7391, visit one of our Banking Centers, or request more information.

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