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Foreign Exchange

Partner with our experienced foreign exchange specialists and manage your foreign currency exposure today.

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Announcing a simplified cross-border payment solution with FX Advance Passport™ powered by Mozrt™

BOK Financial amplifies cross-border and FX payment capabilities with FX Advance Passport and the Mozrt MFX technology, enhancing efficiency and convenience to equip financial institutions with seamless international payment tools.

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    Real-time FX rates

    Access live foreign exchange rates, allowing informed decisions and maximizing the value of transfers.

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    Security and simplicity

    We aim to simplify international financial activities, making managing global payments easier than ever with uncompromising security protocols every step of the way.

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    Enhanced client experience

    Clients enjoy enhanced predictability, finality, transparency, and ease of use when they leverage the MFX technology.

FX Services for International Business

Make investments abroad with confidence. Our Foreign Exchange Risk Management team can help execute a foreign currency exposure plan and hedging strategy, so that you can conduct business outside of the U.S. with ease. It's not just global information access, but also a relationship focus. Your company will benefit from personalized foreign exchange solutions and competitive pricing. At BOK Financial, we will be your guide to understanding and managing your foreign exchange needs.

Foreign Exchange: The Basics

Conducting business overseas; where do you start? Whether your company needs to purchase currencies to be sent to foreign countries or convert foreign currency payments into U.S. dollars, BOK Financial is ready to help you. The FX team’s daily participation in the global currency market places them in a prime position to be able to offer a consultative approach to your company’s foreign currency needs.

Financial Risk Management

We offer foreign exchange hedging, trading and exposure management solutions for your company’s treasury or risk management groups. Markets are always on the move. Let BOK Financial’ s foreign exchange team help you protect your exposure with our hedging products and hands-on approach to customer service.

It's important to be up to speed with market conditions and the political landscape, as events can create fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

Options strategies

Options allow a company to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate movement while protecting it against an unfavorable movement without the obligation that exists with a forward contract. Our foreign exchange specialists can help tailor an option strategy that best suits your needs.

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Foreign Currency Accounts

A foreign denominated currency account is an effective tool when managing foreign cash flows. As a customer of BOK Financial, opening an FDIC-insured foreign currency account is quick and easy.

Foreign currency wires

Sending a wire in a foreign currency can help accommodate foreign partners more efficiently, thus enabling you to compete more effectively in foreign markets by transacting in the local currencies.

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FX Advance®

FX Advance is our online system that puts the power of an FX desk at your fingertips. Benefit from a secure web-based Foreign Exchange trading system for international business transactions and foreign exchange management. Monitor currency markets, obtain BOK Financial competitive pricing and efficiently execute transactions. Make informed decisions to benefit your company and confidently manage your global business anywhere, anytime.

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If you have questions about international services, please contact us at 866-257-8462.