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Trade Services

Improve your international footing with dependable strategy and risk mitigation tactics that you can trust.

If you have questions about international services, please fill out the online form or call at 800-285-6829.

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Maximize Growth, Minimize Risk

Recognize sales growth opportunities with familiar trade partners and get sound advice from a banker with experience. Our specialists can assist your company in structuring a letter of credit that provides protection and satisfies the beneficiary’s requirements.

  • Our specialists can help ensure your presentation is in compliance with letter of credit terms and conditions. Let us reduce the complexities of your import/export document transactions and facilitate the effecting and collection of payments with foreign banks. We can also confirm your letters of credit, eliminating foreign bank and country risk.

  • International businesses may require a standby letter of credit as a bid bond, performance bond, or warranty bond to assure payment in the case of default or non-performance. Work with a financial partner that looks out for your best interests. We'll review a standby for accuracy or, if you must draw on it, we can assist with collection.

  • Are your sales to established customers in stable countries, or for small shipments? Documentary collections can be more reasonably priced than a letter of credit and they don't absorb credit lines. We offer online application service for outgoing collections to facilitate processing, reporting, and payment collection.

  • BOK Financial's export professionals are intimate with complex letter of credit requirements. Exporter’s Plus is a full-service solution for export letter of credit document preparation, compliance assurance and presentment. Now you can free your staff to concentrate on your company’s core expertise.

Trade Advance®

Our online system Trade Advance streamlines the process of creating and distributing the documentation associated with collecting and making international payments. With the easy-to-use application, you can facilitate import letters of credit, standby letters of credit, export letters of credit and import and export collections. Trade Advance makes it easy to meet the various requirements associated with international trading.