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BOK Financial

Fraud Prevention Solutions

We have effective strategies to prevent fraudulent activity in your financial accounts. Together, we’ll keep you safe.

Protect your business

We’ll review your organization’s needs and develop a tailored approach to helping you mitigate risk. Take advantage of our account controls, reporting, and check identification services.

  • We monitor thousands of checks and deposits each day, looking for suspicious activity. When we see changes in your transaction pattern, we might flag your account for review or contact you to make sure everything is ok. Convenient email or text notifications of account debit activity help keep you in control.

  • IBM Security Trusteer Rapport is an essential desktop security solution to help protect your credentials. It monitors, blocks and reports the presence of financial malware and phishing, alerting us to take immediate action against possible threats to your business.

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  • Check Positive Pay with Payee Match and ACH Positive Pay can quickly identify payments you didn't initiate. Always monitor check numbers, payee information and payment amount for suspicious activity.

  • Save some trees - and headaches. Physical checks can be an open door to criminals. Every time you put a check in the mail, you're potentially providing your banking account information to a criminal, including account name, routing number, and an example of your authorized signature. Instead, process as many payables as possible through ACH or corporate card payments.

Fraud prevention is top of mind

No one is immune from cyberattacks like ransomware or wire fraud. Stay informed on how to manage your risk.