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Ways to Pay

Person-to-Person (P2P) is a way to easily pay or receive money between personal accounts. The value of P2P services is that they make it easier than ever to split a tab, settle a debt, or give a gift. Follow these tips to get the most out of your P2P service.
Ways to Pay


  • Gather information

    Get the details

    Get the Details: Before you press “send” or “pay”, make sure you have the right contact info for your friends and family.
  • Transfer to people you know

    Personal transactions only

    Send money only to people you know. Most P2P apps prohibit any commercial use, even for individuals selling goods or services.
  • Ask for help

    Get help!

    Before using any P2P service, take the time to research how to setup and use the service.


The value of P2P services is the speed and convenience of digital money transfers - ideal for splitting a tab, reimbursing a friend, or giving a gift. Where you may have needed to withdraw cash or write a personal check, you can now use an app to pay directly from your bank account (see the steps below).

  1. Download a free app, create a user profile, and input your Bank of Oklahoma debit or credit card, or your checking account number.
  2. Find your recipient through a smartphone phone number, email, or special identifying tag within the service network. Both parties must enroll to the P2P service to send and accept funds.
  3. Choose how much money to send and press “send” or “pay” to complete your transaction.
  4. Some P2P services involve setting up an account with them in order to receive funds, which you then store or transfer as desired within the app. Check out your P2P service's terms and details for more.

Ways to Pay

Your BOK Financial checking account will work with most major P2P services. For more details, see our information on popular providers below.
Users open an iMessage with their intended sender or recipient, select the Apple Pay logo within the chat window, and use their debit card information to make transfers.
Square® Cash App is the P2P version of the popular mobile merchant platform, Square. Square Cash App is one of the most convenient systems, as users input debit card information rather than syncing their bank account.
P2P transactions are supported through Facebook Messenger chat messages, meaning users don’t have to download or set up a separate app/account. Similar to Square Cash App, users input their debit card information to make P2P transactions.
Google Pay is the combination of two separate payment applications, and works best when a bank does a technical integration to the digital wallet service - making users' accounts automatically compatible for P2P and commercial transactions.
For P2P transactions with a BOK Financial account, Google Pay will require users to sync their bank account and their Google account, and transactions will move over ACH.
PayPal is an international online payment system supporting P2P and consumer purchase transactions. Users can link any personal bank account or debit card, and deposit money into their online PayPal account for future transactions/purchases through the app or website. Users are cautioned to only use PayPal’s P2P option for its intended cash exchange between individuals and not commercial entities, as P2P transactions do not carry refund or chargeback protection.
Venmo is a P2P app supporting almost any U.S. bank account or debit card. It is also known for convenient solutions like splitting a bill among a group of people and providing e-commerce and in-app purchasing abilities with certain merchants.

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