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Youth Banking

Raising financially savvy teens

Is your teen prepared for their financial future? If not, we're here to help you teach your teens with tips on topics like budgeting, saving and credit.

Don't have an account for your child yet? For your kids under the age of 181, start with a Student Checking account and debit card, add Youth Savings with QuickSaveSM and let the journey begin!

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Laying the foundation

If the idea of creating and maintaining a family budget leaves you feeling like you're back in high school solving one of those “If train A leaves the station traveling at 60 mph…” math problems, you're not alone. Less than half of U.S. states require a course in personal finance for high school graduation.

Our Student Checking and Youth Savings accounts are a great starting point to create financially literate teens. They feature low opening deposits and have no monthly service fees when you choose online statements.2

You'll be the joint owner on these accounts, so while they get the independence and empowerment of having their own accounts and debit card, you get to track spending and savings, and set up real-time alerts.

mother teaching teen about BOK Financial Youth Savings accounts and finance.

Explore Student Checking

Help them take their first steps in managing their own money with a Student Checking account and debit card, plus:

  • No monthly fee when enrolled in online statements2
  • Free Visa debit card, compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google PayTM
  • No overdraft fees3
  • Free online and mobile access (for kids ages 13 and older)
  • Free Overdraft Protection transfers from your linked savings account4

Open a Student Checking

Is your student 18 or older? Check out our Access Checking account instead.

Explore Youth Savings

Whether they're stashing away babysitting money or getting their first paycheck, our interest-bearing Youth Savings account is a great place for your kids to start building healthy savings habits.

  • Only $5 opening deposit
  • No monthly fee or withdrawal fees
  • Earns interest
  • Free online and mobile access (for kids ages 13 and older)
  • Eligible for QuickSaveSM to accelerate your savings

Accelerate their savings

QuickSaveSM is a simple way to help your kids save money and reach goals quickly.

Every time they use their debit card for a qualifying purchase, we'll automatically transfer an amount of your choosing (either $0.25 or $0.50) into their savings account. And, we'll even match up to $250 per year to help your teen maximize those savings.

Set smart alerts

You and your child (over 13 years of age) will both be able to log into Digital Access to view transactions and track spending.

You can also get real-time push notifications (as text or email alerts) of specific activity you care about. For example, you could set up a debit card alert, low balance alert, ATM withdrawal alert and more.

Family finance tools

  • Know your money values

    Because what you teach your kids about money is just as important as why you teach them—it’s important to identify your personal money values.

    Here are five questions to ask yourself to identify your personal money values.

  • Start a budget

    Want to help your kids learn the basics of managing money? Developing a budget together is a great way to start. By working together, you can encourage smart spending habits and help them create a savings plan they can track.
    Get started.

  • Quiz yourself

    Do you feel good about teaching your kids about money?

    Take our quiz to rate yourself and discover any gaps. No matter your score, there's always room for improvement, and we're here to help.

Save time by logging in to your account
Blend Labs, Inc. hosts the online application for us.
Save time by logging in to your account
Blend Labs, Inc. hosts the online application for us.