Business Bill Payment

Looking for an easy, secure payment solution that can help reduce the time you spend manually keeping records?

A Simple Payment Solution

Maximize your cash flow by easily making payments online with Business Bill Payment, offered through BusinessSource.

With BusinessSource, you can now pay your bills or vendors directly from your business checking account or transfer money between your accounts. It's simple to add payees and schedule single or recurring payments. Plus, you can also set up automatic payments for payroll direct deposit and expense reimbursements.

Add Any Payee You'd Like

Using our powerful cash management platform, BusinessSource, you can quickly add anyone you regularly pay to your Bill Payment system, including employees and vendors. Once you've added them, you can schedule single or recurring payments in just a few minutes — without ever leaving your office.

Make Business Easier with Automated Payroll

It's easy to set up automatic payroll direct deposit. You can set it up once for each employee and then know that their paycheck will go out accurately and on time thereafter. It's easy for you and, because they never have to stop at a bank to cash their check, easy for them.

Reduce Your Paperwork and Expenses

Whether you're sending a recurring or a one-off payment, Business Bill Payment through BusinessSource can save you time and money. It reduces your paperwork, manual record keeping and mailing costs, while adding an extra level of security to paying your bills online.

Ready to Connect?

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