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Attracting and Motivating Talent

As part of a compensation package, financial and security incentives can be quite persuasive. They can help attract and maintain the best talent, while improving employee motivation.

Young HR professional reviewing candidates on their tablet is one way BOK partners with companies to help them attract top talent.

Offer Enhanced Benefits

Retirement plans and executive benefits can build your reputation as an employer. Not only are they attractive to employee prospects and a useful tool to retain top talent, but they also show your employees that you're concerned for their family's financial future. Look for tailored retired services that offer self-directed or professionally managed options.

Make Added Insurance Benefits Accessible

As an added perk, offer employees the opportunity to purchase accidental death, disability, long-term care or other policies. Voluntary benefits adds to their list of attractive employee benefits with no cost to you.

Provide Personalized Financial Advice

Employees and administrative staff need someone to talk to about employee benefits. Work with a partner who can offer your staff access to responsive, informed plan administrators.

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