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Living with Intentionality

Recently, we’ve been asking our customers a single question that is meant to not only challenge but inspire them. Seven words, that if considered in earnest, should actually help bring focus to their life’s ambitions and clarity to their financial goals.

What does living richly mean to you?

We hear things like: being surrounded by friends and family, pursuing passion projects, seeking out meaningful experiences, helping others, contributing to one’s community, building a legacy…

Very rarely, if ever, do we hear something like stockpiling cash. And here’s why: Cash is not an indicator of someone necessarily living their best or richest life.

Living richly extends beyond the confines of being financially wealthy. It means you live with intentionality. You take the time to define what is truly important to you. Identify your values, mission and purpose. Then, and this step is paramount, you create a vision for your life and develop a plan.

A plan allows you to be more proactive, and less reactive, when it comes to making decisions, both personal and financial. You’ll move through life’s day-to-day challenges with purpose, and not simply going with the flow until you’re forced to re-evaluate your path because of something unknown or unexpected.

Establishing a life plan cannot be overstated. It will inform every decision you make and every action you take. And this is where working with a financial planner can possibly make a difference in charting out your ambitions. Planners work to help you turn your life goals into financial goals and attempt to keep those goals on track.

At BOK Financial, our team has worked with countless clients helping them create customized plans and leveraging their financial resources to achieve their respective visions. We’ve seen time and time again that the most effective financial plans begin with establishing a life plan. Money, after all, is only a tool to help us accomplish our life goals.

By looking at your overall plan — with all of your life goals built in — we can help you align your financial resources with your goals, closing the gap between your current path and the one that puts you on course to a meaningful life.

This can also lead to better informed strategies related to tax planning, insurance, investments, specialty asset management and estate planning. At BOK Financial, we’re not just focused on helping you grow and protect your wealth. We want to turn our attention to helping you live your best life and establish a legacy that could possibly carry on for generations.

Ultimately, we believe one’s self-worth isn’t calculated by their net worth. It’s better calculated by the time, energy, and resources spent toward the things that have meaning in one’s life.

We invite you to take a moment to think about what it means to you to live richly. Say yes to a life of purpose and intentionality. And know that we are always here to help you utilize your resources to make good on your life’s plan.