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BOK Financial

Governance: Affordable Housing

BOK Financial has significantly contributed to affordable housing within the markets we serve through the firm’s Community Development investments. More than $253 million of the $346 million (approximately 73%) of the Community Development investment portfolio was in affordable housing as of Dec. 31, 2021.

Of the 1,446 affordable housing units developed over the past three years through these investment activities, 20% are located in properties that have incorporated on-site social services in support of tenant needs. Not only are these projects contributing to an improved local community, approximately 40% of the nearly 1,500 units are in repurposed existing buildings with energy saving systems, benefiting the environment as well.

# of Affordable Housing Investments Total
# of Affordable Housing Units
2019 5 $33,734,863 351
2020 8 $50,566,948 579
2021 8 $54,526,334 516
Total 21 $138,828,145 1,446

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