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Advisor Trust Services

At BOK Financial, we understand that the relationship between an advisor and client is crucial. As your trusted partner, we offer objective trust solutions that enable you to provide comprehensive investment management services while holding your clients' trust assets with your preferred custodian.

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Selecting a professional trustee is essential in estate planning, as they must navigate complex responsibilities with expertise and impartiality. While appointing a friend or family member as a successor trustee may seem convenient, most lack the necessary time, resources, and knowledge for the role. Instead, consider the advantages of choosing BOK Financial Advisor Trust Services as a corporate trustee. Our experienced team specializes in trust administration, ensuring compliance with legal and fiduciary requirements while avoiding family dynamics that can complicate matters.

  • Personal trusts are separate legal entities where the trustee(s) has the authority to manage property for the beneficiaries.

    • Revocable Trusts
    • Irrevocable Trusts
    • Asset Protection
  • Estate settlement is the legal process to settle the affairs of a person who has passed away.


    • Administrative Trust
    • Estate Administration
  • Charitable or philanthropic trusts are established by an individual to support charitable causes while potentially receiving tax benefits and providing for their own financial needs or those of their beneficiaries for a set period.


    • Charitable Remainder Trusts
    • Charitable Leads Trusts
  • Court-ordered trusts are established by a court proceeding and funded by assets received by an individual being awarded damages or settlement proceeds of a lawsuit.

  • A special needs trust is a trust that is created for individuals with special needs or a disability. It can hold assets without disqualifying individuals from receiving government benefits such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

  • An agent for a trustee is typically a professional entity that assists an individual trustee with administering an estate or trust administrative duties.

  • A Trusted IRA is controlled by a trust document. It combines the tax benefits of a traditional or Roth IRA with greater control over how your assets are distributed.

What sets us apart

BOK Financial Strength and Stability

BOK Financial Advisory Trust Services offers a dedicated department with experienced trust officers to support advisors and their clients. With an emphasis on personalized and responsive services, we take the time to develop valuable long-term relationships.

Our trust services are backed by BOK Financial Corporation® (NASDAQ: BOKF), a diversified and prominent leader in the U.S. financial services industry. BOKF is headquartered in Tulsa, OK, with more than 200 locations nationwide.

Our 100-year history

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Tools and Resources

For Advisors

Advisor trust services overview

How to engage BOK Financial as trustee or successor trustee

Questions advisors should ask clients

Schedule of fees and services

Directed vs. Delegated: A brief description that clarifies the differences in the investment authority of a trust.

Directed trust sample language: For use when drafting or amending trust documents to create directed investment authority, where state statues allow.

Delegated trust sample language: For use when drafting or amending trust documents to created delegated investment authority. For use when state statutes do not support directed trusts.

Attorneys and their clients

Special needs trusts

Administrative agent for trustee


Firm profile: To be completed by the RIA firm, if SEC-registered, when actively engaging BOK Financial as trustee for our due diligence review process.

Advisor profile: To be completed by the advisor when actively engaging BOK Financial as trustee for our due diligence review process.

For End Client

Personal trust services overview: Client-oriented version.

BOK Financial: Our 100 year history

Schedule of fees and services

Guidance for my loved ones upon my death: Client-oriented tool that captures important information as guidance for their family.

2023 America's advisor-friendly trustee listing

Administrative agent for trustee

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For questions on trust documents or our ability to serve as trustee, contact the Advisor Trust Services department at 888-957-6678.

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SVP, Manager of Advisor Trust Services