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Leave a lasting legacy for tomorrow, without sacrificing your lifestyle today.


Life insurance can be an integral part of your estate plan, helping safeguard your assets and ensuring the smooth transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries. But funding the premiums can require a large cash outlay or even the sale of financial assets which can trigger higher taxes or take funds out of higher-yielding investments.

That’s why we offer Premium Financing. We can finance the majority of your premium payments using the cash surrender value of the policy to secure a loan. You can even finance the entire premium by providing additional investment assets as collateral, so you have no cash outlay at all.

Premium Finance Basics

Premium Financing Plan

Life insurance can play an important role in leaving a lasting legacy for family members. Some insurance policies require sizable premium payments that can be disruptive to your overall financial strategy. Learn more about our Premium Financing Plan.


As a client you will receive one-on-one guidance and attention from a dedicated private banker, an experienced wealth management professional located in your community. Your private banker will take the time to understand your financial priorities, crafting strategies to help preserve your existing wealth, build new assets and establish a lasting legacy.

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