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Important information regarding Business Online Banking and Business Online BillPay: You may distribute your Business Online Banking username and password to individuals within your organization. However, you are responsible for any and all actions by such individuals as it relates to their use of Business Online Banking, and all actions by an individual that has logged in to Business Online Banking using the designated username and password combination shall be deemed to have been authorized by you and by your organization. Individuals with access to your Business Online Banking account will, upon logging in, have unrestricted access to such account and the ability to perform any of the functions available within Business Online Banking, including but not limited to (a) enrolling your account in the Business Online BillPay Service, (b) initiating bill payments from your account, (c) viewing account balances and account transaction history, and (d) initiating account transfers. The Business Online BillPay Service allows your organization to make bill payments online. There is no monthly maintenance fee for this service. You may make up to 15 payments a month at no charge, and each additional payment is $.50. The Business Online Bill Pay Terms and Conditions are available by clicking here.

If you do not wish to allow other individuals access to enroll your organization's accounts in Business Online BillPay or perform bill payment transactions for your organization, we recommend you contact your relationship banker to discuss additional online banking options that may better suit your needs and the needs of your organization. We have solutions that allow you to create multiple usernames and to manage account permissions for various users, giving you more control over what features each user can access.

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