Business Overdraft Protection

Bounced checks. Declined debit cards. They're bad for business. Our Overdraft Protection program provides automatic transfers to cover transactions if your checking account balance drops too low.

Protect Your Business with Automatic Transfers

Don't embarrass yourself in front of a client by overdrawing your account. Overdraft Protection provides convenient automatic transfers from your linked savings account or line of credit to cover transactions if you don't have quite enough money in your business checking account.

Financial Peace of Mind

With Overdraft Protection, you can stop worrying if a vendor is taking a while to cash your check or if your purchase costs a little more than you expected. We'll simply transfer money into your checking account to cover the difference — and you don't have to give it a second thought.

Affordable Protection

There's no cost to enroll in Overdraft Protection. You'll only pay a low transfer fee — either $7.50 or $12.50, depending on your account — if you use the service.

A Simple Process

Enroll in Overdraft Protection today, and then forget about it. It's there for you when you need it — automatically. The rest of the time, there's nothing you need to do to maintain it. Isn't that easy?


There's no cost to enroll in Overdraft Protection. You'll only pay a low transfer fee if you use the service. That fee is only $12.50 if you're enrolled in Free Small Business Checking or Business Interesting Checking, or if you will be pulling money from your line of credit. If you have Business Advantage Checking and are pulling out of a savings account, that fee is even lower — just $7.50 for each transaction.

See Summary of Fees - Arizona for more information.



Kansas/Missouri (KC)

How to Apply

Visit one of our Banking Centers or call a Small Business Banker at (303) 864-7391 to apply. Once you're approved, you can take advantage of Overdraft Protection any time you need it.