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Maintain control of your investment decisions and leave the paperwork to us. We provide the data and analysis your organization needs to make informed decisions.

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Asset Custody Measurement & Data Access

Know how your assets measure up and get an accurate snapshot of their performance. We offer customized reporting and demonstrative metrics — including real-time online reporting — to keep you informed and in charge.

Customized Statements & Reporting

Clients select clear and concise reporting options and statement formats to best suit their organization. They can also access anytime, anywhere customized reports from Portfolio Online.

Portfolio Online

Comprehensive Performance Measurement

We provide complete reporting for your investment accounts, including consolidated reporting for clients with multiple managers.

24/7 Online Access

Find current performance information anytime, anywhere. Portfolio Online is your desktop portal to review account holdings and allocations, buy and sell, follow funds and indexes, track returns and much more.

Portfolio Online

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