Business Investor Fund

Are you a more established business owner? Reward the hard work you've already put in. With a Business Investor Fund, you'll earn more interest on your higher balances.

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Premium Business Perks

Our Business Investor Fund account offers business owners great perks, including tiered interest rates and unlimited teller-assisted transactions. And, of course, we'll help you protect and grow your savings while still giving you the flexibility to access cash whenever you need.

Tiered Interest Rates

We offer very competitive interest rates so your money can work for you. And, because you deserve a reward for your hard work, we offer higher interest rates on larger balances. Contact us to learn more about our interest rates.

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Unlimited Teller-Assisted Transactions

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. With unlimited teller-assisted transactions, you can take advantage of it any time your banking center is open. Use our tellers to deposit or withdraw money, check on your balances, or ask any questions you have. They're here to help!

Automated Savings

You can take advantage of free automatic transfers into your account, so you can pay yourself first and reach your goals faster. You can also use automatic transfers out of your account to conveniently pay recurring bills.

How to Apply

Visit one of our Banking Centers or call a Business Banker at (844) 517-3308 to apply. Once you've opened it, you can start using your account for all your business's needs.

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Overdraft Protection

Who Can I Talk With?

Our Business Bankers are ready and waiting to discuss your business needs. You can call them at (844) 517-3308, visit one of our Banking Centers or request more information online below.


Business Resources

Building and running a successful business isn't easy, but we're with you on every step of the journey. Here are some tips and resources that might help you along the way.