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BOK Financial is a $31 billion regional financial services company with corporate headquarters based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Assets of the organization are centered in seven bank subsidiaries, including:

  • Bank of Albuquerque: Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Bank of Arkansas: Located in Fayetteville and Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Bank of Arizona: Located in the Phoenix metroplex.
  • Bank of Kansas City: Located in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri
  • Bank of Oklahoma: Located throughout the state, including Tulsa and Oklahoma City
  • Bank of Texas: Located in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston Areas
  • Colorado State Bank and Trust: Located in Denver, Colorado

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We believe that our people are the heart of our success. That's why we place a high value on recruiting, training and retaining high caliber college students. The Accelerated Career Track (ACT) and Intern programs are designed to assist college graduates with their transition from college to working life and then jump-start their career with BOK Financial.

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People used to think of benefits as "fringes" - nothing especially important, just nice little add-ons that came with the job. Not so anymore! Benefits today represent a major portion of employee compensation. Many benefits that go with employment cannot even be bought on the outside.

Frequently, benefits have been called the "hidden paycheck." They are less visible than direct salary and are often "out of mind" simply because they are "out of sight"…that is, until a special need arises.

Benefits for employees at BOK Financial are far from invisible. We view them as a direct extension of your pay and a vital part of your total compensation as a BOK Financial employee. They represent a sizeable investment for BOK Financial and for you! We believe they deserve all the attention possible to help you understand their many uses and appreciate their value.


Our benefit plans give you comprehensive protection from financial setback due to illness, disability and death. Also, they help you build financial security for retirement and give you the financial freedom to take time away from work for rest and relaxation. While they are not designed to cover every need in full, they will meet most of your needs in most situations.

There are two major groupings of benefits in your BOK Financial program. Each addresses an area of need for protection and security.

Flexible Benefits Plan

  • Health Care
  • Disability Income
  • Survivor Income
  • Additional Benefits

Future Income Program

  • Thrift Plan - 401(k)

This Overview is intended to be a very general summary of the BOK Financial benefit plans. It is not intended to include all plan provisions, limitations or exclusion. BOK Financial reserves the right to change benefits at any time.

Flexible Benefits Plan

At BOK Financial we see ourselves as independent thinkers - people who want to make our own decisions - especially about issues as personal as benefits. For this reason, the company has committed itself to a program that offers the flexibility and the opportunity for you to choose your coverage in most major benefit areas.

As an employee of BOK Financial your benefits will have an entirely new dimension…one that stands up to the competition and is at the leading edge nationally. It is a program that will have more meaning and more importance to you because it allows you to put together a personal package that suits your needs for protection.

The Flexible Benefits Plan is unique. It recognizes that all people are not the same, and their needs and wants for protection and security are not the same either. What is more, those needs will change as personal situations change from one year to the next.

First, there are basic benefits that are yours automatically and paid for in full by the company. Second, you can choose optional benefits to supplement basic levels…additional coverage that take you to higher benefit levels which you might prefer.

Each benefit option has its own price tag called a premium. You are responsible for enrolling in and paying for the optional levels of coverage you choose. The premium is the amount you pay monthly to have an optional benefit in effect.

There are also tax-effective features, which allow you to pay for some benefits with pre-tax dollars and to set aside pre-tax dollars to reimburse yourself for health care and dependent care expenses. These features reduce your taxable income and increase your take home pay.

Having benefit choices - or options - gives you the flexibility to expand your protection and security beyond basic, company-paid levels of coverage. BOK Financial's benefit plan shows a commitment by the company…oriented toward you!


At BOK Financial, our foundation is built on three key fundamentals:

We Value Our Employees

We Value Our Clients

We Value Our Communities


EEO Policy

BOK Financial is an equal opportunity employer. Find out more about our EEO Policy.

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